#GC79 - The Seventh Official Day of Convention (7/11)

Three more sleeps.  Just three more sleeps.  When my daughters were younger and my husband or I had to be away for a couple days we would count those days in bedtimes, or sleeps.  In three sleeps we will all be on our way back home.  In three sleeps, the business of General Convention will be over.  In three sleeps, the votes/decisions will be made.

That means a whole BUNCH of votes/decisions must be made in these coming three days of business.  Debate will grow shorter.  Voting will speed up.  And most critically, we'll see where the Program, Budget, and Finance (PB&F) Committee will fortify our decisions with the budget to back them.  (PB&F presents today at 2:15pm CDT.)  Watch for lots of post, emails, tweets and more as we see where the money supports the decisions of #GC79.  Blessings.  (Alternate Deputy Michelle)

(Below, Flat Jesus helped switch Deputy Susan out and Alternate Michelle in.  Alternate/Deputy Michelle's card was recognized and she cast her first vote.)

Things to watch for:

  • Legislative Sessions (watch via livestream under House of Deputies or House of Bishops) 10:30am-1pm & 3:45-5pm CDT  
  • Joint Session presentation from Program, Budget & Finance (PB&F) (watch via livestream under House of Deputies)  2:15-3:15pm CDT
  • Worship  (watch via livestream under Worship) 5:15pm CDT
  • Possible 3rd Legislative Session 7:30-9:30pm

From Tuesday:

Wednesday's reflection from (Deputation Co-Chair) - Dean Brian Grantz

Good Afternoon, Team EDNIN! 

My time out of the fray this morning was serendipitous and restorative. We are at the point when General Convention starts to feel VERY long. This morning's Psalm was especially helpful to me: 

"I live as an alien in the land; do not hide your commandments from me."

We who inhabit General Convention are loving, caring, kind, faithful, hopeful, Christ-following people who dwell briefly in this land that is so, so foreign to us. There is much to celebrate and be thankful for here, but so much that requires us to be with one another in unfamiliar ways of argument, caucus, and strategy. 

God is in this. God's commandments still guide and uphold us. While I am tempted to encourage us ironically by quoting Cranmer, "Be of good cheer, Master Ridley...," I will opt rather for a sincere word of thanks for your sustained and excellent hard work and dedication and remind us all - especially myself today - that God has this.