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Please note that two items, the Diocesan Directory and the Supply Priest List, are password-protected. All congregation administrators and clergy have been issued a password. If you have lost your password or require one, please contact the diocesan office.

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

Diocesan Directory in PDF or Word

Diocesan Crest/Seal and Lighthouse Logo

Discretionary Fund Guidelines

Enriching Our Worship (EOW) and Other Liturgical Resources

EOW 1 - AM & PM Prayer, The Great Litany, The Holy Eucharist

EOW 2 - Ministry with the Sick or Dying, The Burial of a Child

EOW 3 - Burial Rites for Adults together with a Rite for the Burial of a Child

EOW 4- The Renewal of a Ministry with the Welcoming of a New Rector or Other Pastor

EOW 5 - Liturgies and Prayers Related to Childbearing, Childbirth, and Loss

I Will Bless You and You Will Be a Blessing

Ethical Guidelines Booklet

Expense Reimbursement Form pdf or Excel

Evangelism Resources

Evangelism Charter for The Episcopal Church

Invite Welcome Connect

Practical Theology of Evangelism

RenewalWorks White Paper

Financial Review Documents

Mutual Financial Review Spreadsheet

Full Communion Partners

Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

The Orderly Exchange of Pastors and Priests under Called to Common Mission (2001)

Called to Common Mission (2002)

The Moravian Church

The Orderly Exchange of Clergy

Finding Our Delight in the Lord - Official Text

Finding Our Delight in the Lord - Commentary

General Convention 2018

General Convention 2018, Artistic Rendering

Grant Applications

Congregational Revitalization & Development Application Form (No due date; grants are awarded as applications are approved, while monies last.)

Continuing Education Grant Application and Instructions  (May 31 due date; monies are awarded in June yearly.)  

Social Outreach Grant Application  (No due date; grants are awarded as applications are approved, while monies last.)

Ministry Application Forms

Eucharistic Minister Application Form

Eucharistic Visitor Application Form

Worship Leader Application Form

Manual for Business Methods in Church Affairs

Marriage and Blessing Resources

Consensus Formation on a Vestry

Marital Judgment Form (Word)  or PDF

On Marriages and Blessings, Pastoral Letter 1 Dec 2016

Ordination Resources

Ordination Guideline Booklet - Deacon

Ordination Guideline Booklet - Priest

Parish Mailing Labels - Avery 5160

Parochial Report Resources (Diocesan and National)

Parochial Report (Diocesan Section)

Parochial Report (National Section: E-File) and Instructions & Workbook

Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth from Abuse

Application to take Safeguarding Online

Property & Loan Request Form pdf or Word

Supply Priest Rates & Mileage Reimbursement Rates

Supply Priest List

A Collect for Guidance

O heavenly Father, in whom we live and move and have our being: We humbly pray thee so to guide and govern us by thy Holy Spirit, that in all the cares and occupations of our life we may not forget thee, but may remember that we are ever walking in thy sight; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.