In celebration of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s new book, The Power of Love, the Episcopal Church is asking this question.

What moment will you always remember as one where you saw the power of love firsthand?

Many have likely happened with the people you sit next to each week, or perhaps it was the birth of a child, or witnessing a first responder or volunteer offer relief after a natural disaster. Whatever it is, we would like you to share it on social media. It can be a text post, a photo, a video, anything, just be sure to include #poweroflove. Post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, or any platform that you use and love.

By spreading this message of love, inclusiveness, and togetherness, we can, in the words of Bishop Curry, “change lives, and change this world.” I can’t wait to see your power of love moments and share mine with you as well.

Submitted by Nancy Davidge, Public Affairs Officer for the The Episcopal Church