Circus Escape Room - Coming to your Faith Community!

Are you looking for a small group team-building experience for your vestry, youth group, or other ministry at church?  We have something for YOU!  An escape room is a physical and mental adventure game where participants solve a series of puzzles using clues to complete an objective in a certain amount of time.  (You are not physically locked in a room - think of it more as a room full of puzzles.)  Escape room experiences have popped up all over Northern Indiana, and this year's Youth Summer Camp provided an original circus-themed escape room experience for all staff and campers in 5th-9th grade.  It was so well received, we'd like to take it on the road! 

The adventure, designed and led by Kim Gray, lasts about an hour and a half and can be set up in a spare room at your church with a few extra furniture items.  Typical escape rooms can be costly for a group - around $20 a person.  We recommend a free will offering to the diocesan youth camp scholarship fund for $5-10 a person for a 4-10 person group.  Accommodations can be made for smaller and larger groups - so please make inquiries if you have questions.  

If you are interested in reserving this activity for your church, please contact Kim Gray at and write Escape Room Request in the subject line.  Times will be scheduled for fall and winter.  (*Remember, as always, if you participated in this adventure already, be sure to keep the details to yourself so others can experience this fun firsthand!)

This traveling circus adventure is one you won't want to miss! 

Submitted by Kim Gray