#GC79 - The Fourth Official Day of Convention (7/8)

Last evening (Saturday) was the host event sponsored by the Diocese of Texas.  It began with an Episcopalian Revival (yes, you read that correctly) and ended with a Texas-style BBQ (complete with food trucks).  It's fair to say our deputies have never experienced anything quite like it.  Filled with music, Gospel reading, sermon!, and prayer - we were reminded by Bishop Curry (and his Spanish-language translator) that the love of Jesus is the way, the only way, and the life, the only life.  (If you'd like to watch the service/sermon, it is available under the Worship link on the Media Hub.)  The crowds were immense and we were excited to have shared this revival experience with our fellow deputies and beyond.  Blessings! (Alternate Deputy Michelle)

Things to watch for:

  • Bishops United Against Gun Violence public witness 9:30am CDT
  • Prayer Service at Hutto Detention Center (Media Release & House of Deputies article) (Watch via livestream under Worship) 12:15pm CDT
  • Legislative Session (watch via livestream under House of Deputies or House of Bishops) 3:15-7pm CDT
  • UTO Blue Box App Launch Party

From Saturday:

Sunday's reflection from (Deputation Co-Chair) - Dean Brian Grantz

Good morning, Team EDNIN!

On the Sunday detour in the Daily Office Lectionary, we visit Mark's Gospel and the call of Simon, Andrew, James, and John. Mark gives us no insight into any prior relationship between Jesus and these first disciples - Had they already been under Jesus' tutelage? Did they answer a "Disciples Wanted" ad in the Galilee Gazette? - so the immediacy of their answer in leaving behind their previously scheduled lives is both shocking and, by Mark's calculation, inspiring. 

Jesus calls us - metaphorically and actually - in the midst of life to new, different, greater, larger life. Jesus calls us to walk with him, to learn from the Source the way, the Camino, the path of Love. Jesus calls in the midst of life - everyday life; every day, life - and we have before us every day in a thousand ways the opportunity to answer that call immediately. God bless you on this Sunday!