#GC79 - Northern Indiana is here and ready to work!

Our deputation from Northern Indiana has arrived safely in Austin.  For some, work began today. For the rest, it begins tomorrow.  #GC79 begins.  Come Holy Spirit!

(L-R) Bishop Doug Sparks, Pamela Harris, Ted Kimball (Deputation Co-Chair), Tim Skimina, Christopher Hillak,  Rev. Michelle Walker (Alternate), Rev. Terri Bays, Rev. Brian Grantz (Deputation Co-Chair), Rev. Susan Haynes, and Rev. Matthew Cowden
(Not pictured: Bishop Ed Little, who was in a meeting.)

2018-07-03 Deputation - Uncle Julios.jpg

A reflection/word of encouragement from (Deputation Co-Chair) - Dean Brian Grantz

Good Morning, Team EDNIN! Today we will all be in Austin at long last with the entirety of the 79th General Convention still before us in the sometimes anxious, sometimes exciting realms of potential and possibility.

This morning Balaam reminds us to watch and listen for God, who may act and speak in unusual ways to get our attention. Jesus makes a similar point, telling us that the faith of tax collectors and prostitutes is more genuine than the religious leaders who don't recognize the Word and will of God right before their eyes.

One of my old mentors, Churchill Pinder, was fond of saying "God is a surprise!" How, when, where will God show up in surprising ways in Austin? Let's find out!