Becoming #Beloved Community - Story Sharing Introduction

June 20, 2018
Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Grace and peace be with you in Jesus, the Light for all people!

Part of our work in Becoming #Beloved Community includes listening to one another’s story regarding faith, race and difference.  Each of us have stories to share about our experiences and interactions with others.  This is a way to begin telling and hearing the truth of our experiences.

Bishop Jennifer, Bishop Bill and I have made a commitment to working together, as Episcopalians and Lutherans throughout the Hoosier State, to work more intentionally toward Becoming #Beloved Community.

We shared our stories with one another and want to share them with you!

In the coming months, Episcopalians and Lutherans will be invited to gather in various communities throughout Indiana to share and listen to one another’s stories.  In the Diocese of Northern Indiana, these story sharing opportunities will be facilitated by Gina Shropshire, Pamela Young and the Rev. T.J. Freeman, joined by three Lutherans.  This is such an important and unique opportunity and I hope you consider participating when you are invited.

Every blessing,
Bishop Doug