Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath 9 Dec 2016

9 December 2016

Grace and peace be with you these Advent days...

This Wednesday, 14 December, is the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook School Shooting.  On that day, 20 children, ages 6 and 7 years, along with 6 adult faculty and staff, were killed.  This event initiated millions of people to take action on behalf preventing gun violence by urging state and federal legislatures to pass sensible gun legislation.

Stephen Miller and his wife, Joellen, who are members of the Episcopal Church in Northern Indiana, are traveling to Washington, D.C. along with many other survivors, this coming week to participate in a Vigil at St. Mark's Episcopal Church from 14 - 18 December, during the Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath.  Please uphold them in your prayer.

I invite you into a time of prayer, reflection and action during these days of sabbath.  Please find more information on the Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath here and at

Advent blessings,


The Rt. Rev. Dr. Douglas Sparks

Serving as the 8th Bishop of Northern Indiana