Thanksgiving Blessings (23 Nov 2016)

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Grace and peace be with you in the Risen Christ whose coming we await!

As we gather around various tables the next few days, be assured of my prayer and support.  I am honored and humbled to serve as your bishop.

As many of you know, I have used prayers from various resources and would like to share two collects from a resource called Celebrating at Home by Payden and Loving copyright by United Church Press 1998.  One is for Thanksgiving and the other is a prayer for the end of the Church year.

I offer them as a gift of Thanksgiving while we also end one Church year and begin another...

Thanksgiving Prayer

Gracious Provider, it is from you that all good gifts come.  Hear our grateful praise to you this day.  Send your Spirit to join us in our feasting and celebration.  And when this day is done, remind us to be a daily reflection of your gracious compassion and steadfast love.  By our words and deeds we witness to your way and truly give you thanks.  In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray.  Amen.

Prayer for the Reign of Christ

Timekeeper of eternity, we come to the close of another church year.  It has be a year filled with joy and sadness, with possibilities and dashed hopes, with hope and despair.  As we have journeyed through this year, you have been our constant mark, our compass leading home.  Guide us again in the time before us.  Help us to keep the rhythm of the faith, day in and day out.  May we mark the seasons not by minutes, hours, days or weeks, but by words said and deeds done on behalf of Christ, our Sovereign and Savior.  Amen.

As you gather with your families and friends for various activities - such as serving at a local food pantry, with your Faith Community on Thanksgiving Eve/Day, OR on the First Sunday of Advent - would you please take some pictures and forward them to Missioner Michelle Walker at We would love to assemble a collage of thankfulness images to share.

Every blessing,