The Rev. Phil Hooper

Faith Community: Trinity Episcopal Church (Fort Wayne)

Hometown: Carmel, CA

Who does your immediate family consist of?: I am single.

In what ministries do you participate?: As the Curate at Trinity, I assist our rector with all aspects of priestly ministry in the parish. I’m starting July 1, 2019 and can’t wait to begin my first call out of seminary!

What has God been teaching you recently?: To embrace the adventure of responding to Christ’s call, wherever it leads. Six months ago I couldn’t have imagined I’d be moving to Indiana. I’d never even been to Indiana! I’m so grateful, though, that God has brought me to such a vibrant diocese and parish community. Hoosiers are amazing folks.

What’s one place you’d like to visit before you die and why?: Picking just one is difficult! How about two? The Holy Land, for obvious reasons. And Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. Because who doesn’t love Dolly Parton, honestly?

What’s your favorite food?: I eat healthy stuff most of the time, but if I could survive on corn dogs and strawberry rhubarb pie, I would gladly do so. And buffalo wings. Now I’m hungry.

What’s your most recent purchase?: I bought a butter dish and some Depression Glass at the flea market in Shipshewana. What a great little town! They make a darn good pie, too.

What’s your favorite book?: My favorite book of the Bible is the Gospel of Mark. It is so urgent and mysterious, and I discover new questions every time I revisit it. My favorite book otherwise is Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury. It is such and nostalgic and romantic and absolutely magical. Read it!