Jose and Dania Armando

Faith Community: St. Thomas/Santo Tomas

Hometown: Plymouth, IN

Who does your immediate family consist of?: Jose & Dania and their 3 children.

In what ministries do you participate?:
Jose: I play the guitar and translate the sermon from English to Spanish.
Dania: Eucharistic minister

Favorite sports:
Jose: weight training
Dania: aerobics

What’s God been teaching your recently:
Jose: Revelation of Scriptures, His Mercy, His Love
Dania: Forgiveness

What is your favorite book?:
Jose: The Bible and The Book of William Barclay
Dania: The Bible

What are your hobbies?:
Jose: Listen to music and exercise
Dania: To be home and enjoying my husband

What’s your favorite food?:
Jose: Vegetable soup and beef on the grill
Dania: Spaghetti, or any pasta!

What was your most recent purchase?:
Jose: A pair of jeans
Dania: A winter coat