ABCD (Asset-Based Community Development )

“Asset-based community development (or ABCD) is founded on the idea that change will only happen if we identify and mobilize the gifts and capacities of local people and the social, physical and economic resources of a local place. It is an approach that seeks to build strong, sustainable communities from ‘inside-out’ through forging and nurturing relationships of care and creativity” (Al Barret, Vicar of Hadge Hill Church in Birmingham)

ABCD is a life-giving tool for local faith communities to engage with local residents as they continually seek to address their day-to-day challenges through organic and nurturing relationships. Therefore, ABCD invites faith communities to be bodily present in those communities with whom they engage, and together with local residents walk the communities’ brokenness in making more functional the work that God started there. In so doing, ABCD restores local residents in their hope and dignity.   

Recorded February 10, 2018 at St. Andrew Episcopal Church, Kokomo, IN during the "How Communities Hope; a Gathering with the Rev. Becca Stevens" event, Missioner Adrien Niyongabo provides an overview of ABCD .

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