Tamisyn Grantz
Diocesan Youth Camp Co-Director

Tamisyn has been connected with the diocese since 1988 when Brian was hired to be the youth minister for the diocese by newly elected Bishop Frank Gray. Together, they have been part of St. Michael and All Angels (South Bend), St. Anne’s (Warsaw), and the Cathedral of St James (South Bend) at various points in their ministry time in the diocese. During most of that time she has been active in parish youth formation ministries.

Tamisyn has served as co-director for the youth summer camp together with Tim and Kim Gray since 2008.


Bachelor of Arts
Concentration in Speech Communication and Political Science
Pennsylvania State University

Fun Facts

Hometown: Lewisberry, Penn.

Who does your immediate family consist of?: spouse: Brian; children: Nathan, Jesse, Thaddeus, Rose; pets: Wellington (standard poodle), Fezzik (Newfoundland), Topher (cat)

Faith Community: Cathedral of Saint James (South Bend, Ind.)

Favorite sports team: My favorite team is the New Orleans Saints - we moved to Slidell, Louisiana in May following Hurricane Katrina. The 2006 New Orleans Saints provided a much needed beacon of hope, light and encouragement in what was an otherwise bleak season of news regarding loss and increasing frustration with slow government response. The very fact of the Saints returning to the city was huge - and the “feel good sports movie” aspects of that season only helped.

What’s your favorite TV series: I really like everything Joss Whedon has done for tv: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, Firefly. Not sure what that says about me...

Favorite book: As an avid reader, it’s tough to narrow it down to one book as different books or authors have been important at various times in my life. My favorite author is Madeleine L’Engle who I was fortunate to hear speak twice. Of her many books, the ones I keep returning to are A Ring of Endless Light in her young adult books and The Rock that is Higher.

Hobbies: I love to cook - I enjoy it more when there are people to be in the kitchen with me - like when the kids are home or at Thanksgiving when we are cooking for usually 20 not just for one meal but for the whole week.

Favorite food: In general my favorite food is anything Thaddeus cooks. Seriously. The food I don’t think could give up is good bread. The food my family asks me to bring to gatherings is apple pie.

Your most recent purchase: Completing this on a Saturday, which means my most recent spending was at the South Bend Farmers’ Market. It’s winter, so things are slower this time of year. This week’s finds included two types of mushrooms since the vendor was back from his several week post-Christmas vacation; salad greens, fresh fennel and red peppers from Wolf Farms; yogurt from a dairy in located in Osceola; and a cool vase from one of the many non-food vendors which pop at the market this time of year.