Becoming Beloved Community Initiative Facilitators Workshop ... coming soon!

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The Becoming Beloved Community Initiative Facilitators workshop, thanks to EDNIN and the ROANRIDGE TRUST, is around the corner as the weekend of March 22-23, 2019 approaches.  Preparations are going on smoothly, and we are looking forward to having a very enjoyable and fruitful time.

Even before attending the coming workshop, we may have some information on racial reconciliation.  Furthermore, we have knowledge of what is the racial situation in our community and how our life and that of other community members is being impacted by the latter. Based on that knowledge, could we think of simple, little actions or initiatives of racial reconciliation that we would hope to see flourishing in our local faith community and neighborhood one day soon? A person once said that “life is good when one is happy, but it is even better when others are happy thanks to us.” To make one’s life better may ask us for one or two things. Let’s look at waving at a neighbor. What about saying hi to a person we cross on a sidewalk? Simple actions such as those are able to impact one’s heart and change one’s life for better.  

Isn’t it heartwarming to be surrounded by people who think about you and show it to you in this or that way? With love and compassion, humans are capable of so many simple actions, which can profoundly impact others’ hearts and therefore transform their view of the community. It is then we will leave those are around us at home, park, church, workplace… with memorable marks. Let us get started in preparing the ground as we look forward to participating in the Becoming Beloved Community Facilitators workshop and waiting on our Lord Jesus Christ in our little actions.

“Be joyful, and keep your faith and your creed. Do the little things that you have seen me do and heard about” said Saint David of Wales. When comes one of those days when we feel burdened and weary in our Becoming Beloved Community Initiative work, let us remember and revisit Saint David of Wales’ wise words. In fact, Mother Teresa reminds us that we cannot do great things, but we can do things with great love.